Colorful village Eguisheim

Bakery-sign in Eguisheim, Francecolorful wrought iron sign for restuarant in Eguisheim, FranceEguisheim in Alsace, France, is full of colorful houses, colorful flowers and colorful signs. And Eguisheim is full with many white storks. I call that a colorful village.


Context of the rusty items

Oh my, there is a context Pien Goenmans!

Magnificent Obsessions: The Artist as Collector in the Barbican Art Gallery

This is the first major exhibition in the UK to present the fascinating personal collections of post-war and contemporary artists. Ranging from mass-produced memorabilia and popular collectibles to one-of-a-kind curiosities, rare artefacts and specimens, these collections provide insight into the inspirations, influences, motives and obsessions of artists.

While some artists are connoisseurs, others accumulate hoards of objects, never letting anything go. Many live with and make direct use of their collections and others keep them under wraps or in storage. Collecting objects for research and study is key to the practice of many artists in the exhibition. Presented alongside examples of their work, their collections, in turn, help to elucidate their art.